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Buy Vivacy Stylage online


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STYLAGE® XL with Lidocaine is the first monophasic antioxidant cross-linked hyaluronic acid based gel sterile,



Buy Vivacy Stylage online XL with Lidocaine is the first monophasic antioxidant cross-linked hyaluronic acid based gel sterile, formulated from an animal free and biocompatible hyaluronan serum that magically

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Concerned about the maximum comfort and safety of its customers, the French cosmetics manufacturer “Vivacy” released a series of contour plastic preparations in 2006 and one of them is STYLAGE XL with LIDOCAINE. The presence of an anesthetic component in the gel itself allows the specialist to create the sharpest contour in the treated area as delicately as possible, and the client to conduct a contour plastic session in comfortable conditions.

For a painless correction of deep wrinkles, the company offers the densest filler in the line of preparation called STYLAGE XL with LIDOCAINE.

First, the price of Vivacy Stylage XL with Lidocaine is lower than that of competitors, while the quality of hyaluronic acid, which is part of the gel, is no less high, so the effect completely satisfies the customers.

Secondly, stabilized hyaluronic acid with a high concentration of 26 mg / g in gel Vivacy Stylage XL with Lidocaine is synthesized using two exclusive technologies that make it simultaneously both elastic and resistant to the damaging effects of the enzyme hyaluronidase.

But the main advantage of this filler, perhaps, is the content of mannitol antioxidant in the solution. This six-core alcohol enhances the effect of hyaluronic acid (overcoming so-called “oxidative stress”), reduces swelling during the procedure of drug injection and prolongs the overall effect.

Finally, the addition of lidocaine greatly facilitates the injection of the gel, since the client does not experience stress during the injection, the skin is less tense, the facial expression is relaxed, and the result is maximally natural.

Buy STYLAGE XL with LIDOCAINE in the online store EuroMex Shop and get it by fast shipping, as well as enjoying professional and kind support.

With this gel, you can achieve the following results:

  • Eliminate deep wrinkles in the tempor

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