Stylage S Lidocaine Filler 2 X 0.8ml

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STYLAGE S Lidocaine filler is a cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel.


Stylage S Lidocaine Filler e is a cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel, non-animal in origin, which incorporates an antioxidant (mannitol), is sterile and apyrogenic, with physiological pH and osmolarity. It Is packed in a 0.8ml pre-filled syringe and sterilised by moist heat autoclaving. Stylage S Lidocaine Filler is a single use product. Each box contains two 0.8ml syringes of Stylage® S, 4 sterile single use needles, an instruction leaflet, and labels with the bath number, one to be given to the patient, the other to be attached to the doctor’s patient file. Stylage® is an injectable implant indicated for filling superficial and average wrinkles in the face by superficial or middle dermal injection and/or for the outline of the lips. Stylage S Lidocaine Filler  can also be used



Stylage® S will then be slowly resorbed over a period. The duration of the product depends on the patient’s skin in the treated zone, the patient and the depth of the injection, one or two injection sessions are necessary for optimal treatment of aesthetic defects. These regular touch-up sessions make it possible to enhance the lasting effect of the desired correction.


Benefits of STYLAGE® S Lidocaine

•Treats thin and sensitive areas

•Corrects superficial wrinkles and lines

•Reduces first signs of ageing






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